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Our Music

Our songs are hard to define genre-wise. The style of most of our songs lies within the triangle of Rush, Porcupine Tree and Doe Maar. Expect the unexpected :).


We have been writing songs for three years now, and it's now time for us to start sharing them. We have a few demos out now, free for you all to enjoy! If you want more background on the songs, go here!

Ghost of Hallway B

Ghost of Hallway B is the first song we have released on Spotify. It is quite different from the material we are working on right now. You can play that here:

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Dutch Innovation Days

Our first gig in 2022 was at the Dutch Innovation Days!

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Ganzenveld Gig

Our biggest gig yet was during the introduction week (kick-in) of the University of Twente, where we played for around 500 freshmen.